@the_gayest_doggo @moonman What benefit would running an ircd have over using Matrix?

@the_gayest_doggo @artist_ocular That sounds like a downside rather than something beneficial. Smaller ircds are generally magnets for abuse, eg: coordinating botnets and such.

@the_gayest_doggo @artist_ocular Sure, you could configure Nickserv to cause the IRCd to drop any connection from an unidentified user after a few minutes and not allow them to join any channels, but I have never seen this type of configuration on an IRCd before.

IMO running an IRCd that has regular users requires more active management than Synapse (Matrix) or Mastodon.

@the_gayest_doggo @artist_ocular Which part is the opposite of what you expected? Have you used IRC significantly before? Its an interesting place, filled with its own boatload of people, and lots of fun bots that provide services, booters and botnets.

@the_gayest_doggo @artist_ocular I'd just make .dog on subluminal.net tbh, its well run and doesn't require any upkeep. Why not just use Matrix though?

@the_gayest_doggo I'm still trying to grasp any reasoning for wanting to make an IRCd, I've asked a few questions and gotten diversions instead :/

Don't want you to stand up an IRCd, have people use it, then end up dealing with critical administrative tasks that don't end up getting done cause you have higher priorities.

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