Code of Conduct

By registering you agree to adhere to the following rules. the admin reserves the right to change these rules. the admin also reserves the right to act extra-judiciously
  1. No Harassment

  2. Use of the words "degenerate" or "f*g" will result in ban

  3. No Illegal Pornography

  4. Advocacy of facism will be banned

  5. Gulag apologia will be banned

  6. Genocide denialism is not tolerated here

  7. Racists, Sexists, and Transphobes will be banned

  8. If you call someone who is for the abolition of private property a liberal I will make fun of you

  9. No pro-nationalist content allowed

  10. No Brands

  11. Pride in elitist scenes or aesthetic movements will be mocked

  12. Employees of violent or oppressive organizations will be banned

Whomst A Heckin Dog is a small instance with a friendly and welcoming userbase. PM the admin for questions about instance blocks, the admin will serve you with a copy of the list and may reconsider a block if emailed by a user on a blocked instance.