Mortimer boosted is my latest project, like and subscribe for all your crow of judgment Twitter knockoff needs

@Frinkeldoodle I want to host the open source WIRE server. i guess it help to have a goal im mind when learning a new tech

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@​the_gayest_doggo @​starwall @​Redseebee it's probably because i rooted my phone so i'd like to report here ma'am

@cdmnky might fuck around and start designing a protocol.


@cdmnky id like an encrypted chat platform with image and attachment support and good desktop clients

every time I try to get help with synapse no one answers my questions.

I literally sent to messages and it pegged 2 gigs of ram and filled 4 gigs of swap.

i hate this and will probably turn into a different kind of chat server.

wow gosh dark jovian is a super underrated album

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