@hoppet why would I post something if I didn't think it deserved to be liked?

@zepp I'm sorry I'm sorry. I'm trying to do better.

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im really proud of this one! :)
aahh <3

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Covering the Taco Bell drive thru speaker box with stickers of pizzas while screaming "FOOD BRAND FIGHT" at the top off my lungs

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Imagine copyright law making all the Important works lost so that all historians will know of our era is weird shitpost games from itch.io and fanfictions no one bothered to DRM

Actually there is 1000% going to be a famous property we love today that will only survive in references in fanfiction, this is basically a historical certainty (it's more or less what happened to Sappho)

Let us all hold hands and hope it's Harry Potter

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we have historical records of dragons without feathers and they were basically modern day dinosaurs... so what the fuck?

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