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we love to post toots for the tooters who love to read them

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controversial opinion: ctrl-alt-delete was a pretty awful comic

goodbye giant man who used to work for pizza hut. he's suing rom sites in heaven now...

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Lemme get them grumblecakes 🎶

Please don’t grumblefake 🎶

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I use mint it's basically the same as arch

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"too 8-bit to quit" - mc hammer bros.

syntax is one of the first things you learn and easy to understand so of course everyone who knows nothing about programming argues about it endlessly

my main problem with C/C++ isn't the language itself but all the coders who learned it as their first language and think C++ IS coding not just a specific tool with specific uses

"I'm going pound this nail in with a screwdriver, because I'm already really good with screwdrivers, and I just don't like the way hammers work." - every programmer explaining why they refuse to learn an other language

"the truth is out there." NO! the truth is IN HERE ❤️

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Taylor Mead's Ass is the Dark Souls of Films directed by Andy Warhol

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