Urgent reminder that THERE ARE COPS ON HERE. Do not give out identifying information.


@commiequeer More than that, this is the internet, and every post could potentially leak identifying information that could be used to link an account to yourself in meatspace.

That dick pic or lewd selfie? Some data warehouse like <insert any search engine> or Intelius would be happy to show potential employers, government workers, etc your shitposting here. Keep multiple alts, rotate them regularly, stay safe!

@bikecurious @commiequeer that's not nearly enough, Mastodon needs to be either completely usable over Tor (or similar), or :tor: -only.

@bikesexual @commiequeer @the_gayest_doggo I don't see what stops one from self hosting a Tor only Mastodon instance. Seems feasible. People may have trouble following you directly, but tor2web should likely cover that use case already, despite it being slightly inconvenient.

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