cities should operate their own public mapping and transit timing programs so that people can get directions without getting spied on by google

capitalism is super efficient because it means we hire 300 bullshit contractors to write the same critical infrastructure 6000 different ways in fucking garbage ass php or whatever instead of establishing an agency to write open source programs that local governments can share

@dankwraith you think the government can't make garbage software?


@cant_into @dankwraith Government entities build garbage software that reinvents the wheel all the time, eg: having each and every county build its own online map viewer, plus ancillary webapps to view various types of info about a parcel of land selected.

Ideally, rather than having each county independently figure this out, the NIST would build a walk through on proper plat digitization (name files like this, put the camera 1 ft above the document, etc)

@cant_into @dankwraith Then perhaps the NIST could define how to handle importing said data into OSM and how to run a local instance (for said county) rather than paying one of a myriad of maps vendors for access to their half-witted platform that has never seen serious Q&A.

Otherwise, you get the current mess, where local and regional governments handle the same responsibilities inconsistently, and provide a patchwork of tools from a variety of shady vendors.

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