Friendly reminder on today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he greatly abhorred white moderates.

@bikecurious Open sourced software? I only use locally sourced software.

Biodegradeable software: The future of all tech! Checksummings for f00lz

Stolen from @d6e

kc metro is remarkably salty

i hope they blocked his worthless car for a good long time

A good reminder that mail-in DNA kits are for entertainment purposes only:

Please don't make health or lifestyle decisions based on these things. (Better yet, protect your privacy and don't use them at all.)

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Whoa this Swiss factory builds with all wood. Wood for insulation, wood for even nails! #solarpunk

Beware, if your on T-Mobile, they sell your browsing data to any company that will pay them:

Verizon does an even more aggressive version of this:

AT&T also has a Deep Packet Inspection scheme to gather your browsing history (where they sell the data gleaned) and 30 other major ISPs used to use NebuAD to maliciously exfiltrate your browsing history (pretty sure most still do this, just using a different vendor):

😍 you know who's cute?😍

the NSA agent reading this

it's actually good, to me, that the FBI is not getting paid

"If you have multiple lovers and they supply you with weapons that's polyarmory."

Millions of SNAP (food stamps/EBT) users have been warned to "plan your food budget knowing that these benefits will be the only benefits provided through the end of February," if the #Shutdown continues.

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