kizuna ai and i just beat up siri in a wal-mart parking lot

If you're a furry and you live in a house with other furries you owe it to yourself and housemates to get a version of this painting commissioned with all your fursonas and then framed

I'm really torn on whether I should post more or not. I'm not a very active artist anymore, so all I really have is older art and sketches 🤔

You're sitting and writing a paper, 3 hours have passed. You've made no progress. You get up to get some tea. It's already cold. Five minutes Pass. You've written a whole page, when did this happen? Five more hours pass.

i don't know what a "reasonable time" is anymore when it comes to sleep

Maybe one of these days I'll get around to doing a proper introduction and posting art & story links.


Me, swinging from the ceiling fan: stop nerfing mercy!!

JeffKaplan, beating me with a broom: how did you get in my house

i am a simple man. i go to the target. i lust over home decor like a middle aged mother of three.

That feel when you fish a fresh a meme out of Federated only to find that it's gone stale in the .005 seconds it takes to process it.

Hello! I'm new and have no idea what I'm doing lmao. Just gonna lurk and boost good posts I find :blobfingerguns:

rebagel this is you're LGBT+, a witch, horny on main, or if you EAT concrete. no one will know which one :)

twitter: please do not say anything mean about nazis. they are our only protected class and we will have to suspend you.

mastodon: to complete the signup process, please hit a nazi in the face with a brick.

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