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i mean also for other reasons, but mostly this
i want to get a linux laptop just so i can fuck around and make my desktop environment look cool

Me being mad at computers Show more

Me being mad at computers Show more

my bf put on spirited away and fell asleep within 15mins

*notices your PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA* :windows:​w​:windows: whats th​:bsod:

Your shitpost ran into a problem and needs to restart.

i used to think being the orb was just a schtick, a bit but over time things changed.. i could feel myself getting rounder and rounder.. now i cannot go back i can never go back

rimuru tempest is a pan enby, sorry e-boys this one's ours.

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Hnngh... Otacon... I'm 🅱️uppy...

-"Yes we have a service to block text message spam"
-"How does that work?"
-"It blocks spam."
-"Yes. How? Does a sender blacklist? Blocks sender IDs with a words instead of a number?"
-"It just blocks the spam."
-"I'd like more technical information."
*hold music, tech support*
-"Yes it has an algorithm that stops spam"
-"And what does it look at?"
-"Spam content"
-"So it filters the message body using keywords."
-"... yes."
-"Can I configure this thing?"
-"I'll get back to you."

New Bedsheets smell is a strange one, I kinda miss old bedsheets smell.

but not really. I needed new sheets :yell:

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