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Dammit why is everyone so supportive

*grumpy sounding but secretly happy gay noises*

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Taxonomy drama is hands down the best and funniest form of academic drama because it is almost without exception a no holds barred shit riot

"WWW World-Wide Web - Gopher's bastard child on meth"

BBoard, you're fuckin great

God I love typing out hot takes and then just fuckin,,, deleting them

The day four hundred and twenty, in the year of our lord two thousand and nineteen.

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this is me giving all of u flower!!!!

good morning, the reason you're infatuated with Japanese Neighborhood Aesthetic so much is because every picture you've ever seen has no on-street parking

You know what they say, A watched post never gets notes~

Follow your dreams! Impersonate that Bed, Bath, and Beyond manager! No we do not sell noodle golf balls!

Bisexual? Don’t you mean “ambisextrous”?

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