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Dammit why is everyone so supportive

*grumpy sounding but secretly happy gay noises*

Suddenly a day off! Having to remind myself that I'm still somewhat sick and that it's ok to have limited motivation/energy today!

get on the bus loser, we're taking public transit, a safe and reliable way to get to our destination

hot take but we should teach trans kids to love themselves


Hope you are all having mondo butt joy days today! :0w0: :blobcatgoogly: :blobuwu:

You know what video game would benefit the most from going open source?


Hey did you know that Yakuza 3's upcoming remaster is taking out the shit that was transphobic and bad because the team learned about why it was wrong and were open to changing it? Did you know that Yakuza is the raddest series ever??? Now you do!

Hey Atlus? Get fucked!!!

I appreciate how fedi is very strongly against regularly crissposting anything from twitter, and fuckbook always needs a cw, but tumblr just kinda gets a shakey hand gesture. Like as long as it's not content that needs its own warning, it's kinda whatever.

Meet Eldora Westmoreland, she is about to understand what is the true potential of human depravity as her neighbor calmly applies ice cream to her steak... in The Twilight Zone.

Allow me to introduce Lafe Burchett, a barbaric butcher. He is about to wake up all alone at the local library covered in wasabi... in the Twilight Zone.

Oh shit, they're here!


Hide the fuckin Doritos

considering the months of planning, you'd have thought The Independent Group would at least have bought a domain name lmfao πŸ˜‚ :blocblob: this website is gold

"Despite International Humanitarian Law, arming Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen into the Stone Age is very important to us...Lobby politics is great. The Iraq War was the best thing that ever happened. Rupert Murdoch is a man of our values."

We have Bad Dragon :gay_bad_dragon:, now who is gonna make Bad Dungeon?

sometimes CWs don't even work for me like i have this reflex where I just reveal all hidden pics and so sometimes I'm like oh holy shit why would you post this nobody wants to see that ,,,,, then I look just a tiny bit up and it's like ah... there was a CW.. i could've just left it hidden....

ok tetris 99 is cool but where's my sequel to Hatris, the tetris with hats?

I always set at least 3 alarms, often 5. Generally I'm the person that interacts with the second or third alarm. The asleep lizard gets the first alarm, then the denial ape gets the second, ive generally evolved enough to understand what a phone is around number 3.

We have Bad Dragon :gay_bad_dragon:, now who is gonna make Bad Dungeon?

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